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The municipality of Narra is strategically located in Southern Palawan, 96 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City; it belongs to the “Agri-Business and Eco-Adventure Tourism Investment  Zone of Palawan”, and serves  as the zone’s center of agricultural, trading, commercial and tourism activities.

Narra is dubbed as the “Tiger Municipality of Palawan with  its vast natural resources, and unique geographical configuration that is suited for diverse economic activities. Its vast mountain ranges feed the rivers and streams that bring the water of life to the plains that grow  the agricultural products; Its  mangroves and  seas abound with marine resources; mineral deposits are hidden underneath grounds; its mountains, rivers and falls, islands and beaches are beckoning to investors to engage in  tourism industry.

Later, the Central Palawan Settlement Project was converted into National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration (NARRA).  A sitio of barangay Panacan, Aborlan was selected to be the administrative site of the above Project; the sitio was named NARRA. During the administration of then President Ramon Magsaysay, settlers from all over the country were brought into this settlement project. The farmer-settlers developed their farm lots into productive rice paddies. More settlers  came to NARRA increasing agricultural activities resulting to productivity boom, and from then on, NARRA acquired the title, “Rice Granary of Palawan”.  
In June 20, 1969, then Congressman Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. sponsored a bill creating a municipality out of this flourishing place, thus, Republic Act 5642, gave birth to the Municipality of  NARRA.  
From then on, Narra was administered by mayors namely: Ricardo C. Baldevieso (1970-71), Salvador G. Lopez (1971-78), Amador O. Ramel (1978-86), Atty. Clarito D. Demaala, Jr. (OIC in 1986-87, elected in 1988-98), Lucena D. Demaala (1998-2007) and Atty. Clarito D. Demaala, Jr. (2007 – 2010), and currently, Lucena D. Demaala.
The municipality of Narra is now composed of twenty three (23) barangays from the original twenty two (22) barangays namely: Dumangueña, BagongSikat, Sandoval, Tinagong Dagat, Estrella Village, Malatgao, Taritien, Elvita, Antipuluan, Panacan, Poblacion, Malinao, Caguisan, Princess Urduja, Batang-Batang, Teresa, San Isidro (Bato-Bato), Calategas, Aramaywan, Tacras, Burirao and Ipilan, with  Panacan 2 as the latest  addition.


Where is Narra, Palawan? 

Map of Narra,Palawan

Geographic Location

Territorial Jurisdiction

The total land area of the municipality is 83.229.84 hectares which is 3.18% of the total land area of thenarra palawan map province of Palawan. Included in the mainland territory of Narra is nine (9) other islands namely Arena, Rasa, Emelina, Linda, Gitana, Bengawan (Taru), Temple (Banking), Pangasinan (George) and PulawTalam (Cudil).


The eastern part of Narra is coastal plain. It is gently sloping from 0 degree to 03 degrees. It is devoted for coconut plantation, settlement and open area. It covers 6,199 hectares equivalent to 7% of the total land area of Narra.

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Going west at the middle part of the municipality is the agricultural land. It is moderately sloping from 04 degrees to 18 degrees. It covers 30,596 hectares equivalent to 37% of the total land area of Narra.

narra agri area

Way up in the western victoria peak, narra, palawan8portion of the municipality is steeply mountainous with slope of 19 degrees to 50 degrees. This is mainly forest land covering 45,436 hectares equivalent to 56% of the total land area of Narra.

Climate and Temperature

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Official Website Narra Palawan, Philippines

Official Website  Narra Palawan, Philippines