Population Growth Rate

Narra has an annual population growth rate of 0.77%; urban growth rate is  3.17% while  rural population is 0.56%.

Population Density

The current population density of the municipality is approximately  1.17  person per hectare. 
Barangay Panacan has the largest population density of about 17.38 while barangay San Isidro has the smallest at 0.16.

Population Distribution

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Out of 71,064 population,  36,383 are males, while  34,681 are females .

Religious denominations:  majority of the inhabitants are Roman Catholic (41,217 or 58%), Iglesiani Cristo (8,527 or 12%), Baptist (7,107 or 10%), Seventh Day Adventist (5,685 or 8%) and others such as Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Methodist, Pentecostal, Islam, etc. (8,528 or 12%).

Dialect spoken: majority of the inhabitants speak Tagalog (28,425 or 40%), Ilongo/Hiligaynon (14,213 or 20%), Ilocano/Pangasinen (10,661 or 15%), Cuyunon (7,106 or 10%) and others which include Cebuano, Cagayanen, Bicolano, etc. (10,659 or 15%).

 Labor Force

Labor force numbered 43,113 or 61% of the total population; 23,958 (55.57%) are males, and  19,155 (44.43%) are females. Those in the rural barangays numbered 32,213, while the urban areas have 10,700.

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Official Website Narra Palawan, Philippines

Official Website  Narra Palawan, Philippines