Narra is playing a major role in the development of the province of Palawan as the Rice Granary, producing most of its rice and as a major producer of fish products. It also hosts to major sports events and other large gatherings in the province.
The municipality is easily accessible from other points of the province by land and by sea.  Narra serves as the stopover point of long distance travelers down  south and up north being located in the middle of Southern Palawan. It is in the municipality where the travelers converge. 
As one of the municipalities composing the Province Economic and Investment Zone 4  dubbed as the “Agri-Business and Eco-Adventure Tourism Investment  Zone of Palawan, Narra  serves  as the connecting point between the two  other member adjacent  municipalities of   Aborlan in the north and Sofronio Espanola in the south.  It serves as the zone’s center of agricultural, trading, commercial and tourism activities.


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Official Website Narra Palawan, Philippines

Official Website  Narra Palawan, Philippines