Narra is dubbed as the “Tiger Municipality of Palawan” with  its vast natural resources flourishing economy, thriving business and prospering trade and industry.  There are four major activities that fuel the economy, namely: AGRICULTURE, FISHING, MINING and TOURISM.  

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The geographical configuration of Narra is suited for diverse economic activities. Its vast mountain ranges feed the rivers and streams that bring the water of life to the  plains that grow  the…


Narra is known as the rice granary of Palawan; it also produces corn and other agricultural  products.  Plans are in placed for palm oil, cacao, coffee and bamboo plantations. 

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Its  mangroves and  seas abound with…


Panacan being the fish port of Narra  where fish catch lands from the high seas, and buyers have the choices for tuna, blue marlin, squid, lobsters  and other marine products. Seaweeds are grown at the still waters among the islands and coves. 


are hidden among its  mountains and grounds underneath; it has big deposits of nickle now being mined and other areas still waiting to be discovered.  Other ores/minerals include chromite and manganese. 

Its mountains, rivers and falls, islands and beaches, are beckoning to investors to engage in – 


Mt Victoria and several peaks in its range amazed biologists and scientists with their discovery of a rare species of pitcher plants, notably, the rat-eating Nepenthes Attenboroughii,  in 2009  that made headlines worldwide.

mt victoria trade markAnother  pitcher plant  named Nepenthes Leonardoi was discovered in November 18, 2010.  These are just few of the surprises that Mt. Victoria greets the visitors.

Estrella  Falls is another destination, aside from island/beach resorts that beckons to visitors to explore. 

These are the four major economic activities aside from other minor industries that can fuel the development of Narra as a “Tiger’ Municipality. 


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Official Website Narra Palawan, Philippines

Official Website  Narra Palawan, Philippines