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Some of the comments/reviews from TripAdvisor about Estrella Falls quoted here….

“Nice waterfall & clean cool water from the Rainforest”

Reviewed October 28, 2013 by  balaytukog

The Waterfalls are quite nice and access is protected to avoid degradation of flora.
You have a big natural pool in front of the falls and the water is really cool.
You can observe some monkeys, monitor lizards and butterflies.
You have some toilet facilities.
You have BBQ facilities & tables.
You need to bring your Picnic.

estrella falls


Reviewed November 18, 2012 by Alyssa Loren A

The majestic Estrella Falls. >.< The water was cold but not too cold. 🙂 I so enjoyed swimming here! So guys, if you’re in Puerto Princesa, be sure to drop by Estrella Falls! The trip took about  2 hours, I think. It’s farther than Underground River. Aside from that, the road was rough. We had a bumpy ride.

estrella falls collage

“Summer escape”

Reviewed January 6, 2015 by CallienCarl

As it is located in Narra, Palawan, which I think has a hotter temperature than Puerto Princesa, Estrella Falls provides a bit of sanctuary to beat the heat. The water is cool with small fishes swimming in the river.

It is located at the foot of the mountain and a little bit off the road. Visitors should be mindful of their things as monkeys tend to get it.

“Perfect for a hot day!”

Reviewed September 29, 2014 by  Jennifer D.

A  40-min ride from town. Rough road, bit bumpy when you are riding a tricycle. We arrived before noon. There’s a place where you can cook and grill. We couldnt wait to jump in the cold water! There’s an area for kids which is just knee level and for adults which i think is 6 to 7 meters. You can also rent lifesavers if you do not know how to swim. The place is just sooo refreshing! The best part is having monkeys around the area! Haha! I was really surprised! Dont worry they do not go in the water, they just stay at the nearby trees. I Will definitely come back next summer!

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