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The highest peak in Central Palawan, home to unique flora and fauna…

Mount Victoria is the second highest peak in Palawan, next to Mt. Matalingahan:  unexplored and wild rare flora in Narra, Palawandestination, with its  unique flora and fauna, many are waiting to be discovered.  In 2007,  a “screw-eating pitcher plant”, named Nepenthes Attenboroughii  was discovered in Mt. Victoria, creating a global sensation among  scientists that made mt-victoria-nepenthes-leonardi-8.jpgheadlines worldwide. There were many species  of pitcher pants discovered  in this wild mountain paradise, the most recent is named – Nepenthes Leonardoi. 

The terrain of Mt. Victoria is diverse and a challenge to any mountain trekker, yet exciting and promises a lot of surprises; the trek involves several river crossings; land trails are mostly steep and would oftentimes involve bouldering. 

Mt. Victoria has great biodiversity nourished by its  streams, rivers, waterfalls, and even lagoons located almost at the top of the range; destinations waiting to be explored include Atong Peak, and Sultan Peak, the Teeth,  and countless other nameless peaks of the Victoria Range.

The rewards are overwhelming. Aside from the rare and unique flora and fauna, the summit affords views of South China Sea, Sulu Sea, and the neighboring peaks and mountains. This is one climb  any mountain trekker should not miss!!!

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mountaineering…. care to join? 


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Along the way to the top of Victoria Peak, there are amazing plants and animals, an explorer can encounter… just like the hanging pouches of this pitcher plants, orchids… 

vicoria peak, narra, palawan

 Flora and Fauna along the way to Victoria Peak


victoria peak, narra, palawan

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